Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort introduces comprehensive ‘Women’s Leadership Program’

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 About 50% of women occupy important administrative positions at the resort.

AL JADIDA, MOROCCO – Committed to establishing and developing equity in leadership, Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort launched a comprehensive training program titled Mazagan Leadership au Féminin (Mazagan Women’s Leadership). The aim of the training is to promote the leadership and practical skills for female employees in various departments and levels at the resort.

The program is designed to empower women in a variety of roles across the resort and will focus on grooming the female staff in different job grades for higher leading positions, foster competitiveness concepts and uplift their morale.

“At Mazagan, the principle of parity is one of the established values ​​that characterize the resort. About 50% of women occupy important administrative positions, which stems from our commitment to support and encourage women in leading roles. This initiative is another effort to offer women positions of high responsibility, by nurturing their managerial and leadership skills, in addition to enhancing self-confidence and building a strong personality to become women leaders,” said Jacques Claudel, General Manager, Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort.

The training program will feature the participation of 12 officials from different departments who aim to grow and develop their skills for future critical leadership roles. The participants will have to work on a project different from their traditional jobs to expand their knowledge outside their areas of work, discover new tasks, acquire different skills, and enrich their knowledge. The program also includes mentoring and personal training sessions, in addition to workshops, conferences and discussion groups run by key experts, speakers, and inspiring personalities in the

fields of management, mentoring, sports, social work and others.

“This new training program by Mazagan is curated in a way to ensure that all participants grow and benefit from their involvement. The program not only addresses the means required for fast-tracking women career progressions, but also focuses on self-reflection. One of the key objectives of the initiative is to encourage employees to develop forward-thinking skills, which will enable them to embark on a meaningful progression path,” added Jacques Claudel.

Some of the key elements of the training include deepening leadership skills, fostering greater self-discovery, connecting to an extended network and attaining new success.


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