The Yacht Week introduces annual themes starting with ‘The Year Of The Sea Myth’

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 The integration of annual themes will further establish the ‘festival’ credentials of The Yacht Week with new activities and themed events adding a new level of immersive experience for guests across its Croatia and Greece routes.

UK-based travel brand, The Yacht Week, has announced the introduction of annual themes for its popular 7-day sailing holidays around the islands and coastline of Croatia and Greece.

The launch of an annual theme for The Yacht Week is a natural progression for the brand, giving extra purpose to the customer experience and an opportunity to create multiple new touchpoints for engagement and marketing. The first theme for summer 2023 will be The Year Of The Sea Myth, celebrating the stories and legends of the sea. The Yacht Week aim to integrate this theme into the product offering and create a platform for guests to create their own stories from a trip of a lifetime.

With 17 years of experience, the brand is firmly established as a ‘floating festival’ – delivering a curated mix of sailing, parties, wellness, activities, and exploration – taking flotillas to sea that cater to over 10,000 international guests each season.

The integration of annual themes will further establish the ‘festival’ credentials of The Yacht Week, appealing to a youth market who are likely to have already experienced a themed festival in a field, a forest, or even a desert. The Yacht Week will offer something different; a festival at sea, with travel to new locations every day, parties under the stars and out in the ocean, island-hopping, and more. This summer, The Year Of The Sea Myth will add a new level of immersive experience for guests.

Operations Director Kes Wilkinson joined The Yacht Week having previously delivered events for Extreme E, Red Bull, and the Amazing Race. He said, “Our guests are the most engaged group I’ve seen in any industry. They have traditionally brought our parties alive as they dress up to individual party themes. What we haven’t had is an overarching theme for the week that pulls everything together and gives a purpose to all our events. The introduction of an annual theme will give us the context to engage our guests from the minute they join The Yacht Week to the minute they leave. It’s a platform for them to really become immersed and enjoy themselves. We will be able to define what The Yacht Week festival experience is all about.”

The annual theme will bring together consistent branding, new activities, and themed events, utilising the world’s first floating dancefloor, a floating DJ booth, raft parties – where yachts are joined together out at sea – and revamping existing events. For example, the historic Fort George in Croatia, the venue for a weekly party, will be dressed in themed decor and become ‘The Lost Fortress of Atlantis’. The Yacht Week’s legendary Tunnel and Circle Raft parties have been revamped to host the ‘Moby Disco’ and ‘Eye of the Seas’ parties respectively, and the biggest highlight of the week, the Regatta, will become ‘Race Odyssey’. The Yacht Week staff will also join in with the Sea Myth theme, adding to guest engagement.

Brand Director Nik Valentine comments, “The biggest thing is the ability an annual theme gives us to deliver a moment in time. Guests will only get the chance to experience The Year Of The Sea Myth this summer and then it’s gone. We’ve never taken ourselves too seriously and ultimately, we’re a brand with fun at its core. We want to give our guests something to be excited about this year that only they will ever experience. From a marketing perspective, this also allows us to launch our unique experience – a week of shared enjoyment and storytelling at sea – in much the same way other festivals launch their lineups.”

The Yacht Week will introduce annual themes to its Croatia and Greece routes this summer and will continue to run its popular routes to British Virgin Islands and Tahiti.

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