These national parks around the world are truly underrated

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 From India’s Kaziranga National Park to Venezuela’s Canaima National Park, each of these underrated national parks around the world offers something unique and awe-inspiring.

Are you looking for the perfect place to explore and experience nature? From sweeping mountain ranges to tropical beaches, national parks offer unparalleled beauty. Unfortunately, many of these amazing gems remain underrated and unrecognized; they are often overlooked in favor of more popular tourist destinations. This article will look at some of the most underrated national parks worldwide that deserve more attention for their natural beauty, diverse wildlife, and unique cultural heritage. Read on to discover these breathtaking and truly underrated places.

Yellowstone National Park, USA

Set in the Rocky Mountains, Yellowstone National Park is an incredible place of diverse beauty and adventure. Spanning across Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho, this 3,500-square-mile park is home to everything from geysers and hot springs to snow-capped peaks and meadows teeming with wild animals. As highlighted by the team behind the Global Alliance of National Parks, it also offers a unique opportunity to experience the culture of Native American tribes who have lived in and around the area for thousands of years. Visit Yellowstone and explore its diverse sights, from the depths of Old Faithful to the heights of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.

When visiting Yellowstone National Park, ensure to visit the Grand Prismatic Spring, a deep blue pool of hot water fed by warm springs and surrounded by colorful bacteria. You can also tour the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and admire its soaring cliffs, trek through mountain meadows and observe wildlife, or visit the petrified forest for a truly unique experience.

Tikal National Park, Guatemala

Deep in the jungles of northern Guatemala is Tikal National Park – an ancient city and UNESCO World Heritage Site that is teeming with archaeological ruins, towering pyramids, and exotic wildlife. This Mayan city was once the political and cultural center of the Mayan civilization and boasts some of the most impressive monuments in all of Central America.

You can visit Tikal to explore its majestic temples, observe rare wildlife like the howler monkey and toucan, or take part in a guided tour of the city’s ancient ruins. You can also learn about the region’s history through museums and archaeological sites scattered throughout Tikal National Park. Be sure to take a look at the El Tigre, a pyramid that stands over 200 feet tall and is the tallest structure in all of Central America.

Glacier National Park, Canada

The Canadian Rockies are an awe-inspiring sight in their own right, but they are made even more impressive by one of their greatest gems: Glacier National Park. Located in the Columbia-Shuswap region of British Columbia, this breathtaking park is home to over 50 glaciers and numerous towering peaks. The landscape provides an unforgettable experience for hikers and nature lovers alike – from glaciated summits to lush meadows and primeval forests.

You can explore the area’s various landscapes while hiking through snow-capped mountains, discovering hidden glacial lakes, or passing through meadows of wildflowers. If you’re looking for steeper thrills, head to the park’s mountain biking trails and take in the incredible views from an alternate angle. You can also embark on a guided tour and learn about the fascinating history of Glacier National Park or take part in a unique experience such as heli-hiking.

Kaziranga National Park, India

Kaziranga National Park is one of India’s most underrated national parks. This park covers an immense 404 square miles in Assam, including lush grasslands, wetlands, and forests. It is home to some of the world’s most exotic wildlife – including tigers, elephants, rhinos, and over 500 species of birds.

Aside from its incredible biodiversity, Kaziranga National Park has a unique cultural heritage that can be experienced through its many tribal villages located within the park. Here, you can participate in a traditional festival or explore traditional markets where locals sell wares. You can also visit the area’s many tea gardens and enjoy a cup of Assam’s finest brew while observing the park’s wildlife in its natural habitat.

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Serengeti National Park is a sprawling protected area in the African Serengeti region of Tanzania. This vast ecosystem features grassy plains dotted with acacia trees and an abundance of wildlife – from great herds of migrating wildebeest to towering elephants, lions, cheetahs, hyenas, and more. The park is also home to an impressive variety of birds and reptiles, making it a prime destination for both bird watchers and nature photographers.

You can explore the Serengeti in various ways – from game drives to hot air balloon safaris that offer breathtaking views of the landscape below. Be sure to take some time to enjoy the park’s unique culture and visit a traditional Maasai village to learn more about their way of life.

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Plitvice Lakes National Park is a stunning landscape of cascading turquoise lakes, lush forests, and limestone canyons in the heart of Croatia. This park features 16 interconnected lakes that form breathtaking waterfalls and plunge into deep gorges – all surrounded by dense vegetation. You can explore this enchanting area by walking along the many hiking trails or by taking a boat tour across the tranquil waters.

Be sure to take some time to admire the park’s stunning waterfalls, explore its hidden caves, and observe its diverse wildlife – including over 100 species of birds. You may even catch a glimpse of a rare brown bear if you’re lucky.

Canaima National Park, Venezuela

Canaima National Park is an incredible area of towering mountains, vast canyons and waterfalls, and lush rainforest in the heart of Venezuela. This park is home to some of South America’s most stunning landscapes – from mist-covered plateaus to hidden lagoons. It also features the world’s highest uninterrupted waterfall, Angel Falls, which plunges nearly a mile into the jungle below.

You can explore the park’s many hiking trails and admire its awe-inspiring views or opt for a guided tour that takes you on an adventure of thrilling white-water rafting and boating. You can also take in the area’s vibrant wildlife, including monkeys, caimans, and various rare birds.

From India’s Kaziranga National Park to Venezuela’s Canaima National Park, each of these underrated national parks around the world offers something unique and awe-inspiring. Whether it’s taking in the stunning views from atop a mountain or observing rare wildlife in its natural habitat, there is something for everyone to enjoy at these incredible parks. So, why not add a few of these underrated destinations to your bucket list for your next great adventure?

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