Amadeus Travel4Impact Network expands across EMEA and launches in APAC

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Social innovation network is run alongside IE University to support travel and tourism SMEs prosper and amplify their positive social and environmental impact. Reach broadened to include organizations from the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the Pacific for the first time.

Travel4Impact Network first launched in Spain and then expanded to Europe over the first two iterations. This year, it will have a more global scope, welcoming organizations from the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the Pacific. Applications for the third edition opened on March 1st with more than 30 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) expected to participate in 2023.

Travel4Impact is an initiative run by Amadeus alongside IE University, a leading international higher education institution, recognized as one of the first carbon neutral universities in Europe. The program is designed to improve the competitiveness and social and environmental impact of SMEs in the travel sector. This is done through the creation of a network to support enterprises that see digitalization, collaboration, and sustainability as key elements of their value proposition.

Successful applications will receive support in the development of their digital strategies, the social and environmental impact of their value proposition and the sustainability of their business. There are opportunities to take part in an innovation community, co-create, share knowledge and experiences, access to training as well as collaborate with other participants.

Travel4Impact is open to SMEs with more than two years of activity within the tourism ecosystem and two or more full-time employees. Entrants must have a proven interest in sustainability and digitalization, and be actively looking to maximize the positive impact of their work. Central to this is demonstrating that the SME has a business footprint in its specific market or region (EMEA or APAC).

Esther Villena, Global Head of Social Impact, Amadeus said: “At Amadeus, we recognize we must support continued efforts to make our industry more sustainable, working collaboratively with stakeholders of all sizes. Joining with IE University, we have developed a social innovation network, Travel4Impact, designed to empower SMEs to benefit from the opportunities that the digital and sustainable transformation of travel can bring. We are looking for SMEs ranging from travel agencies, tour operators, and accommodation services to destination experiences who want to make the world a better place while traveling and enhance the positive impact of travel and tourism.”

Concepción Galdón, Director of IE Center for Social Innovation & Sustainability, IE University, commented: “Travel4Impact is a network of SMEs in the travel and tourism industry that spearhead travel’s immense value for environmental and social value creation. They understand and exchange best practices to generate the kind of transformational experiences that only great and responsible travel provides.”

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