Ask2Travel aims to expand by automating its operations and leveraging virtual payments

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Greek agency announces the incorporation of Sabre Automation Hub and Sabre Virtual Payments into its business processes.

ATHENS, GREECE – Sabre Corporation, a leading software and technology company that powers the global travel industry, and Greek agency Ask2Travel have renewed a multiyear agreement to help drive Ask2Travel’s international growth.

Under the enhanced agreement, Ask2Travel will benefit from Sabre’s Automation Hub, enabling agents to reduce time spent on manual and repetitive processes, and will utilize Sabre Virtual Payments, bringing the agency better payment flexibility and efficiency, and increased fraud protection and security.

“Our success in today’s environment is made possible by the high level of automation offered by Sabre through its technology”, said Stephanie Anastasiou, CEO, and co-owner of Ask2Travel. “Most of our tickets are now issued automatically through Sabre, facilitating the pre-booking, quality control and issuance processes which help us to provide high quality support to our clients. The ease of use and high degree of customization at the self-booking stage, as well as integration with corporate accounting systems, travel management companies and consolidators with real-time process monitoring, have made a significant difference, helping us focus on the experience we offer our travelers”.

Agis Anastasiou CEO of Entrada, an online selling and distribution platform, and co-owner of Ask2Travel, stated, “Through its platforms, Sabre has been an essential part of Entrada’s growth and success. With the integration of Sabre’s virtual payments system, we look forward to facilitating B2B transactions”.

Sabre and Ask2Travel’s partnership will continue to focus on enabling automation, with a view to better meet the new trends that characterize today’s travelers, such as the strong demand for personalization.

“Our travel consultants can spend up to 70% of their workday performing manual, repeatable, non-revenue-generating tasks, like handling inquiries, cancellations, confirmations, and ticketing. Automation has therefore become a real area of focus, to help enable agencies to eliminate these tasks, and thereby increase productivity and reduce costs.”, said Pantelis Konstantaras, Country Manager for Sabre in Greece. “Ask2Travel’s decision to enable the automation of its processes will help to enhance the capabilities of its travel experts and help them to deliver unparalleled customer service”.

Ask2Travel will also benefit from Sabre Virtual Payments as its payment provider. In August 2022, Sabre reported the acquisition of Conferma Pay, a global fintech company specializing in payments technology, and subsequently announced a new partnership and minority investment from Mastercard. Through Sabre Virtual Payments and its digitization of travel payments, the historical challenges associated with B2B payments for leisure and corporate travel are simplified and addressed.

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