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Proper planning and mindful spending will give you that Cabo experience you need.

You have probably seen your favorite celebrities posting stories on Instagram about their luxurious getaways at Cabo San Lucas.

You would have also heard that a vacation in Cabo will cost you a lot.

Yet, the serene blue waters, grand beaches, tropical sunshine, and other attractions of Cabo make it irresistible to you, right?

The hodophile in you wants to go and experience beautiful Cabo right
Proper planning and mindful spending will give you that Cabo experience you need, in a pocket-friendly manner.

Here are five cheap ways to travel within Cabo:

1. Travel during the off-season
During the winter time, tourists flock from cold-struck places to Cabo to experience the tropical warmth.

Hence, the summer and rainy seasons are the best time to visit Cabo for cheap.

The number of tourists is really low, hence the flight ticket prices and hotel fees are very low.

The best time to visit Cabo is from May to July (especially the beginning of May), as the weather is still sunny and warm.

The August to September season is cheap too, but keep in mind that, during this time, Cabo is very hot, humid, and rainy.

2. Choose the free or cheap experiences
Cabo is a haven of luxury that offers exorbitant getaways. Yet, Cabo also has many other excursions that you can experience for free.

It costs you next to nothing to bask in the tropical sunshine on Medano beach or Chileno beach (best known for whale watching).

You can go snorkeling in the clear water along coral reefs and colorful fish. These activities are easily available for a reasonable price.

You can even hike Mount Solmar to view the incredible Land’s End rock formations, including El Arco.

Of course, luxurious yachts are famous and costly. Do not let that hold you back from cruising the ocean waves to see the breathtaking Baja peninsula coastline, Lover’s beach, Divorce beach, etc. There are plenty of water taxis and catamarans available to take you to these places at unbelievably low prices.

You can’t miss the music and entertainment along the streets of the Gallery district. San Jose del Cabo opens its galleries to tourists for free, every Thursday for the weekly art walk.

Opt for eating like a local, from local restaurants and street vendors. This allows you to experience local cuisine and that too at meager prices. The best street food is available behind Avenida Cardenas and Squid Roe.

For shopping too, stick to the streets and local shops. You may not get any international quality or brands, but local Mexican produce at very low prices.

3. Choose cheaper vacation rentals
We all have heard a lot about the extravagant resorts and hotels of Cabo that are worth a fortune per night.

But vacation rentals are also a thing in Cabo. These are apartments, houses, or villas up for rent to tourists and are much cheaper than hotels.

It is advised to pre-book them online, rather than searching for a stay after reaching the place.

Most vacation rentals have all amenities you need including swimming pools, spacious AC rooms, and even kitchens (you may cook your food and hence make this trip a bit more budget-friendly).

4. Use public transport and walk
Taxis in Cabo are expensive but the city has a great network of buses that you can use for cheap.

You can also rent a car and use it for your own needs.

However, the best free alternative is to walk, walk, walk! Trust me, walking to places while traveling may seem like a task at the beginning, but when you get back home, it will be a thing to remember.

In case you want cheap and efficient airport transport service, Los Cabos Airport Transportation is the best in the business with over 20 years of experience.

5. Bonus tips
Here are some miscellaneous and general things you should keep in mind:

Bargain! It is your tool. Since most of the experiences you are going to opt for are taken care of by locals, bargaining comes in handy. Don’t feel bad about it.
To get the best exchange rate, use cash withdrawn from ATMs, instead of swiping your cards everywhere. You will be more mindful of the expenses too.
Book your flight tickets and hotel rooms way ahead of the journey. This is going to save a lot of money.
Hope this has helped you!

Cabo is a must-visit place and it can be visited by not spending too much.

Also, make sure you are appropriately charged and provided high-quality experiences. Be mindful of this.

Happy Travelling!


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