HomeToGo reveals 2023 Beach Price Index highlighting the best destinations for Spring Break vacations

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Vacation rental marketplace ranks top U.S. beaches for travelers.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. – HomeToGo released its annual 2023 Beach Index to turn the tide on expensive beach vacations. Considering factors such as internal search data, vacation rental accommodation prices, and weather forecasts, HomeToGo reviewed extensive data to uncover the top U.S. spring break beach destinations for travelers to make a splash without getting burnt by prices.

“With spring break season just around the corner, we are thrilled to release our 2023 Beach Index highlighting the best beaches across the country,” said Mike Pearce, HomeToGo Spokesperson and Travel Expert. “With cost savings being top of mind for many travelers, we are pleased to have put together a helpful guide for families looking to plan an affordable spring break getaway. While the obvious choices may include flocking to Florida or caravanning in California, we were very excited to see that four of our top five beaches are from Texas this year!”

Based on HomeToGo’s internal search demand data, the average accommodation price per person during the peak spring season for 2023, and the expected weather forecasts, here’s a glimpse of the top rankings from the company’s 2023 Beach Price Index:

Top Spring Beach Vacation Destinations in the U.S.

Additional key takeaways from HomeToGo’s 2023 Beach Price Index include:

Sunshine on the Mind: The leading region in this year’s index, the Gulf Coast is also expected to boast the warmest weather. Travelers can enjoy perfect temperatures around 68°F, on average, less than two rainy or overcast days. The West Coast, on the other hand, is predicted to have the lowest temperatures and most rainy days.
Most Affordable Region: This year, the nightly prices for accommodation rentals per person are consistent across all the regions. Travelers hoping to save a few extra bucks can head to the most affordable region, the Gulf Coast, where the average cost is $128.67. On the East Coast average price is $130.24. Those planning a West Coast vacation can expect to pay a nightly price of $132.42 per person, on average, for a vacation rental.
Best Beach for Bargain Hunters: Budget-savvy travelers can delight in all the spring break fun without spending a ton at Bethany Beach (35), a small coastal town in Delaware. Ringing in as the most affordable U.S. destination, travelers can expect the average nightly accommodation to be less than $55 per person, which is more than half as much as Havens Beach (69) in Sag Harbor, New York, the most expensive beach in this year’s ranking.

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