Mountain biking in Quito, a unique experience for lovers of adventure and nature

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Quito is the ideal destination for mountain bikers due to its wonderful landscapes, uneven terrains and perfect places to ascend and descend on all surface types. It also offers a wide range of nature tourism, whereby taking some small trails you can cross the moorland and shaded forests, while admiring the biodiversity of the area.

Tourists can enjoy cycle routes through rivers, waterfalls and forests, with different levels of difficulty, from the easiest for novice cyclists to real challenges for the more experienced.

Also, Quito offers bike rental services and protection equipment for safety guarantee during the trip, as well as experienced tour guides to accompany visitors on their routes, offering information on the history, culture and biodiversity of the region.

El Chaquiñán Route

El Chaquiñán is a cycle route that passes through the parishes of Cumbayá, Tumbaco and Puembo and crosses a stretch of the old railway.

It is a simple path which does not present great difficulties. Due to its longitude, it is recommended for cyclists with previous experience in routes of at least two hours of cycling.

·      100% cyclable route
·      Difficulty: Low
·      Distance 20.5 Kilometres

Ruta Lloa – Palmira

The path from Lloa a Palmira has short elevations and gentle descents. It offers natural viewpoints with incredible views, such as those of the Guagua Pichincha and Atacazo volcanoes.

Over the course of the route, you will find various farms that offer dairy products, such as cheese, milk and yoghurt.

·      100% cyclable route
·      Difficulty: Low
·      Distance: 12.4 Kilometres

Ruta Pululahua

Descending from the Mirador del Pululahua to the heart of one of the few inhabited craters in the world, its dramatic descents have been the scene for multiple races.

In the area, you can take various routes with different levels of difficulty and modality such as the return from Moraspungo to Pondoña, the route between Tanlahua and Pululahua, among others.

·      100% cyclable route
·      Difficulty: Medium
·      Distance: 6.5 - 26 Kilometres

Ruta Pacto – Mashpi

In the parish of Pacto, 70 km from the capital, there are wide paths surrounded by mountains ideal for sport. This route crosses a large part of the Conservation and Sustainable Use Area of Mashpi-Guaycuyacu-Sahuangal, the first Protected Natural Area of the Metropolitan District.

·      100% cyclable route
·      Difficulty: Medium
·      Distance: 39 Kilometres

Ruta Nono - Alaspungo

Its 13 km stretch reveals less travelled paths, as well as beautiful and unique landscapes. It offers some prolonged ascents, that gift the cyclist with spectacular views of the Rucu and Guagua Pichincha volcanoes towards to east, and a cushion of clouds that covers the land below.

·      100% cyclable route
·      Difficulty: Low
·      Kilometres: 13.3 Kilometres

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