Disney Cruises Reveals Details On Their Upcoming New Ship


 Disney Cruise Line has revealed further details of its upcoming new ship, Disney Treasure. In a short video, Captain Minnie follows a treasure map to reveal one of the ship’s keel-laying coins, which morphs into the bow design featuring the adventurer herself, Captain “Voyager” Minnie.

Disney Cruise Line has continued to tease details about the upcoming Disney Treasure, scheduled to debut in 2024. In a new “captain’s log” video shared on social media, Captain Minnie – wearing her new adventure gear previously revealed in another video – follows her treasure map and seeks out the famous “X”, marking a special spot.

First, she has to trek “across the savanna, through faraway lands, deep in the jungle, and surrounded by nature,” all hints at spectacular destinations guests can explore via Disney Cruise Line.

At that spot, “Voyager Minnie” discovers a treasure chest, and upon opening it, finds not only gold and silver coins but a very special coin – the Voyager Minnie coin used as part of Disney Treasure’s keel laying ceremony on March 30, 2023.

The coin then morphs into the gold seal on the new ship’s bow, indicating that Voyager Minnie will be at the helm of Disney Treasure.

“Remember, adventures don’t always end with finding treasure,” Captain Minnie says. “Sometimes they’re just the beginning!” The video closes with a shot of the new ship with “New Adventures Await” printed beneath the ship’s name.

While Disney Cruise Line has continued to hint about new adventures for the new ship, very little is known about where the vessel will be homeported or what itineraries she may sail.

The cruise line has confirmed that the following ship – after Disney Treasure – will be based in Singapore for at least five years. That ship is the former Global Dream, which Disney Cruise Line purchased in November 2022 before its construction for the now-defunct Genting Cruise Lines was complete.

Disney Treasure may likely be based in Port Canaveral, Disney Cruise Line’s traditional homeport, or she may be based in another Florida cruise port, keeping the ship close to the most popular Disney theme parks for combined vacation options.

The ship could also be based in California to give the cruise line a more substantial presence in the west coast cruise market, or Disney Treasure may be deployed in a completely different location, such as a permanent European homeport, or perhaps Down Under for year-round cruises in Australia and New Zealand.

What loyal cruise travellers do know, however, is that Disney Treasure – sister ship to Disney Wish – is sure to offer awesome adventures filled with Disney magic, excellent service, spectacular entertainment, and more, no matter where she may ultimately set sail.

Disney Cruise Line has been dropping hints about the new ship’s exciting new excursions, but where the ship will be based and what itineraries it will sail remain unknown.

The cruise company has stated that the next ship in the series, after Disney Treasure, will be permanently stationed in Singapore for at least five years. Disney Cruise Line bought the never-completed Global Dream from the now-defunct Genting Cruise Lines in November 2022.

The Disney Treasure will most certainly sail out of Port Canaveral, Florida, Disney Cruise Line’s traditional home port. Still, she might also be homeported at another Florida cruise port, putting her within easy reach of the most visited Disney parks for convenient package deals.

Alternatively, Disney Treasure could be stationed far from her current home port in California, such as a permanent home port in Europe or even Down Under, for year-round cruises to Australia and New Zealand.

But devoted cruisegoers know that no matter where Disney Treasure sails, she’ll provide the same high standard of Disney enchantment, service, and entertainment that passengers have come to expect from her sister ship, Disney Wish.

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