Dubai Municipality organizes series of entertainment events at Grand Souq Deira in preparation for Eid Al Fitr


 In addition to a Mini Souq alongside the Old Heritage Market, the entertainment events entail a range of interesting activities and live shows. The event showcases Dubai’s allure and rich history through its various entertainment venues and traditional markets.

DUBAI, UAE – Dubai Municipality launched a series of entertainment events and activities on Sunday (April 16, 2023), at the Grand Souk Deira, in preparation for the upcoming Eid Al Fitr celebrations. The events will run until April 24 in the Souq, which is one of the oldest traditional markets visited by Dubai residents to buy various products. Following the success of the Ramadan Souq event, these events intend to promote traditional markets and products, preserve historical customs of Eid preparations, and support vendors by drawing more people into these markets.

Mansoor Al Rais, Director of Architectural Heritage Department at Dubai Municipality, said: “By organizing these events, Dubai Municipality aims to highlight the history and customs of the Emirate of Dubai, as well as represent the significance of the local markets, which have long served as a primary location for residents to shop, prepare for special occasions and holidays, and buy household necessities. This is in line with the Municipality’s initiatives to develop local markets, entertainment venues, and attractive locations in Dubai, while enhancing sustainability in all aspects of living, working, and entertainment. We believe that this can be achieved by upholding the legacy of the past through the preservation of historical sites and its accessibility to everyone, as we improve the quality of life, wellbeing, and happiness of the society.”

“The event will feature live performances, a variety of public services and entertainment activities, a Mini Souq next to the Old Heritage Market and the Gold Souq in the Old Municipality Street, which will include all supplies and requirements for Eid preparations and offer valet services. This will be a significant opportunity for all segments of the society, such as the citizens, residents, and tourists to learn about one of Dubai’s oldest markets, which has aided in improving the city’s commercial and economic status.” Al Rais added.

Grand Souq Deira on the Deira side is one of the oldest and busiest markets in the Emirate of Dubai that provides a range of domestic and personal products – including traditional women’s clothing (Makhaweer and Shayla), gold, fabrics, perfumes, home accessories such as mattresses, household items, food products such as spices, medicinal herbs, dates, dried fish, fishing gear, copper items from the copper market, and many more.

The Municipality launched the Ramadan Souq event on March 05, 2023, at the Old Municipality Road in Deira, in preparation for the holy month of Ramadan. The event has been aimed at promoting traditional products, in addition to preserving long-standing customs and traditions of the nation.

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