Shiji expands connectivity with D-EDGE, bringing direct distribution into its next-gen cloud PMS solution


 Shiji and D-EDGE have expanded the API integration between their companies to facilitate the delivery of reservations, rates and availability between D-EDGE’s CRS, booking engine and the Shiji Enterprise Platform PMS.

BERLIN, GERMANY – Shiji, the global hospitality technology innovator, announced the agreement for the connectivity between D-EDGE’s global hotel distribution solutions to their Shiji Enterprise Platform, the company’s next generation cloud-based PMS built for hotel groups and enterprise chains.

D-EDGE and Shiji are also working together on other distribution-related channels through Shiji Distribution Solutions. The expansion of the agreement between the two companies shows how industry innovators are partnering to continue to push hotel technology forward.

The expanded connectivity between Shiji and D-EDGE will be a significant step forward in enabling hotel groups and enterprise chains optimize their operations through seamless connectivity between their CRS, booking engine, and PMS. By automating the transfer of reservations, rates and availability, hotels can reduce the risk of overbooking, minimize manual errors and increase efficiency in their daily operations. The integration of D-EDGE’s global hotel distribution solutions with Shiji’s Enterprise Platform PMS brings greater value to the hospitality industry by streamlining processes and providing hotels with a complete suite of solutions to drive their growth and profitability.

The partnership between Shiji and D-EDGE is a testament to the two companies’ commitment to innovation and collaboration in the hospitality industry. As industry leaders, Shiji and D-EDGE understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve and continually innovating to meet the changing needs of their customers. By expanding their partnership and integrating their technologies, Shiji and D-EDGE are well-positioned to drive the digital transformation of the hospitality industry and offer their customers cutting-edge solutions to stay competitive in the global market.

“We are proud to collaborate with D-EDGE, a company with a shared vision of innovation and growth in the hospitality industry”, said Kevin King, Chief Operating Officer at Shiji Group. “As a top player in the hospitality solutions market, it was a priority for us to bring our next generation PMS platform, Shiji Enterprise Platform to D-EDGE’s valued customers.”

In addition to offering extensive documentation and a robust API, Shiji is also expanding its network of connectivity partners integrated with Shiji Enterprise Platform, its next generation PMS for multi-property groups and chains.

“At D-EDGE, our aim is to provide our customers with a comprehensive suite of solutions, connections and partners. That’s why connecting to Shiji’s Enterprise Platform was a strategic move for our diverse customer base” said Pierre-Charles Grob, CEO of D-EDGE.

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