Top 10 affordable and must visit Airbnb’s in the US


 A new study shows a ranking of ten of the most affordable Airbnb’s in the US that also have the wow factor people are looking for. The study conducted by online casino site BetMGM analyzed Airbnb data to reveal the most affordable ‘wow’ factor Airbnb’s across the US.

Coming in at number one for the most affordable and unique stay is ‘The Baying Hound Campground’ in Asheville, North Carolina. The hosts have a range of stays on Airbnb, but their cheapest offering is the Trippy Tortoise Shell-ter, at USD25 dollars a night and a 4.90-star review, it includes a part truck cab and turtle-inspired permanent campervan/tent which is decorated by professional artists.

Landing in the second spot is ‘The Chicken Coop, Grain Bin’ in Blanchard, Oklahoma at USD49 a night and a 5.0-star rating. The private room on a farm is a repurposed grain bin surrounded by cows, guineas, chickens, and a peacock.

“The Retreat” in Pulaski, New York comes in third place priced at USD60 a night and a 4.99 rating. The host describes it as ‘A private room in a unique home, impeccably maintained, and located along a peaceful rural road.’ It includes a ten-minute journey to get to the Salmon River for a fishing spot and is close by to the S52 Pulaski/Boylston snowmobile trail.

Joint fourth on the list is the ‘Yome Away from Home’ in Weaverville, North Carolina, costing USD62 and has a 4.88-star review. The yurt comes with a queen mattress, mini kitchen, dining area and 

has a propane heater provided during the month from October to March. In joint position is the ‘Beautiful getaway in a gorgeous & peaceful yurt!’ based in Spokane, Washington which has a 4.89-star review. It is surrounded by 500-acre nature preserve with a pond, wildlife, and trails and within it has a heated floor and a fully stocked commercial kitchen.

The ‘Underground Hobbit Hole @ Sustainable Ecovillage’ in Del Norte County, California places in the fifth spot at USD64 a night and a 4.55-star rating. The Hobbit hole in an off-grid village is built into the side of a mountain and surrounded by 60 acres of natural wilderness in Norther Californias Smith River canyon.

In the sixth spot is the ‘Retromania!’ Airbnb which is in Houston, Texas with a rating of 4.50 stars and costs USD66 a night. The host describes it as a unique and interactive home, that welcomes photoshoots and a creative artsy interior.

Ranking in seventh place is the ‘Chalets by the Lake – #6’ in Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania, costing USD69 dollars and a 4.97 rating overall. The newly renovated chalet is located on 11+ acres and within minutes of Conneaut Lake, Firemans Beach, and Icehouse Park.

At USD73 a night ‘The silo at Sun One Organic Farm’ in Bethlehem, Connecticut comes in eighth place. The converted silo from the 1940s has a 30-foot ceiling and a bathroom building designed by one of the leading green building designers in the country. It has generated a rating of 4.79 and its hosts describe it as one of the most unique Airbnb’s in the northeast.

Coming in at joint number nine are four AirbnbBs all costing USD75 a night. These include the ‘Cozy-Warm-Adorable Hobbit House’ in Bainbridge Island, Washington, the ‘Stargazing Hut – Mossy Forest Glamping’ in Newport, Tennessee, ‘The Bunkhouse at Love’s Hideaway’ in Lagro, Indiana and ‘The Silo – unique guest room’ in Collbran, Colorado.

Finally, in tenth spot is two joint Airbnb’s for USD79, one a ‘Luxury Jail Suite’ located in Pearland, Texas, with a 4.88 rating and ‘Opalito Train Car Apartment’ located in Edinburg, Texas, with a rating of 4.95.

The research highlights places where people can have a unique ‘wow’ factor experience at an affordable price and therefore, achieve the best of both worlds. The study shows a wide range of Airbnb’s in destinations across the country which means there is an impressive variety of affordable Airbnb’s that can cater to different travel needs across the US.

Wow factor Airbnb’s ranked by price per night























Price per night





Trippy Tortoise Shell-ter @Baying Hound Campground



Asheville, North Carolina






Part truck cab, part perma-tent, turte inspired, see sleeping pods decorated by professional artists








The Chicken Coop – Grain Bin – Rustic Farm Stay



Blanchard, Oklahoma






Repurposed grain bin with cows, guineas, chickens and a peacock








The Retreat very near fishing/snowmobiling



Pulaski, New York






A private room in a unique home, 10 minutes to Salmon River








Yome Away from Home



Weaverville, North Carolina






Glamping yurt/geodesic dome hybrid








Beautiful getaway in a gorgeous & peaceful yurt!



Spokane, Washington






Yurt in a peaceful setting near a 500-acre nature preserve with a pond & lots of wildlife & trails








Underground Hobbit Hole @ Sustainable Ecovillage



Del Norte County, California






Hobbit hole in a sustainable, off-grid village








Retromania! **A Unique INTERACTIVE Experience**



Houston, Texas






Unique interactive home, creative artsy interior








*NEW Chalets by the Lake – #6 – Conneaut Lake, PA



Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania






Newly renovated chalet nestled on 11+ acres within minutes of Conneaut Lake








The silo at Sun One Organic Farm



Bethlehem, Connecticut






Converted a silo from the 1940s








Cozy-Warm-Adorable Hobbit House -Bainbridge Island



Bainbridge Island, Washington






One room Hobbit Hole




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