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What better way to learn about different cultures while on holiday than to immerse yourself in local art. From traditional crafts in Japan, tattoo art in Tahiti, and even the art of wine making, experience the creativity of the world in these artistic destinations.


1) Castles and Kenyu Sword Art in Matsumoto, Three-Star Road

Built in 1592 and completed 22 years later, the white on black exterior at Matsumoto Castle sets it apart from the traditional Japanese castles. Matsumoto was home to the samurai warriors  until the 19th Century and there, visitors can enjoy a sword wielding experience, decked in traditional costume. Participants will  learn a wide range of battle techniques and movements used by the legends of Japanese warfare.

2) The Artisans of Ishikawa prefecture, Ishikawa 

Inherited over many generations, Ishikawa’s traditional Japanese crafts are celebrated and carefully protected. Kept alive by local artisans, gold leaf crafts are said to have started when the first Maeda lord ordered gold-tipped spears for his warriors and the city of Kanazawa has since garnered a reputation for this unique craft. Providing Japan with over 99% of its gold leaf, the craft is celebrated through exhibitions scattered throughout cafes, shops, and galleries. Visitors can try their hand at embellishing a jewellery box, chopsticks or a selection of postcards at the Yasue Gold Leaf Museum.

3) Traditional Pottery Villages of Saga, Kyushu

Located in Kyushu’s northwest, Saga offers plenty of natural wonders, history and artistry. It is also famous as the birthplace of ceramics in Japan, especially in the historic pottery towns of Karatsu, Arita and Imari. Sitting just outside the town centre, the Arita Porcelain Park holds a large reconstruction of the Zwinger Palace of Dresden, another city noted for its production of fine porcelain. Those exploring the grounds can enjoy sake samples in the main park store, participate in porcelain making classes, and indulge in a traditional Arita-yaki Gozen meal.

4) Traditional Paper Making in Kochi, Japan

First opened in 1985, the Ino-cho Paper Museum is a great stop to learn more about the history, culture and techniques of traditional Japanese paper known as ‘Washi’. The museum hosts various exhibitions and visitors can also catch a demonstration of nagashizuki, a traditional papermaking technique used to make washi. For those who would like a more hands-on experience, visit the museum on the first Sunday of the month and join a papermaking workshop.


5) Storytelling Tattoos in The Islands of Tahiti

The art of Tatau (tattoo) originated from The Islands of Tahiti, with each symbol reflecting the personal history of the Tahitian. Every line drawn connects the individual to the Mana of their present and future, thus holding the essence of meaning and life. Tattoos are seen as a sign of beauty, and historically signalled the end of adolescence. Tattooists can be seen at work throughout the island.

6) Urban and Rural Aboriginal Arts Experiences, New South Wales, Australia

For millennia, Aboriginal art has been used not only as a way to decorate places, but also tell stories and leave messages for future generations. Visitors can catch a glimpse into this culture across Sydney and regional New South Wales, in galleries and museums or amid nature at sacred rock-art sites. For decades, the Museum of Contemporary Art at Circular Quay has hosted some of the most important Aboriginal collections and exhibitions in Sydney. Nearby, the Argyle Gallery is dedicated to Australian and Aboriginal art and fine crafts, while the wonderfully named Spirit Gallery has one of the most significant collections of crafted didgeridoos you’ll come across. Head to the world-heritage listed Blue Mountains National Park, an hour’s drive from Sydney, to take part in an exploring aboriginal art group workshop. Perfect for family and friends, you will discover the importance of art in creating and sharing stories in Aboriginal culture and learn about traditional and contemporary Aboriginal art, symbols and storytelling.


7) Wide Open Walls festival, Sacramento

Sacramento offers visitors over 650 murals painted across the city and this number grows every year when the Wide Open Walls festival opens in August. Artists from the city and across the globe gather to create art on the walls of Sacramento for all to enjoy. Both visitors and locals alike gather to watch artists cover the city in colour with artwork that is inspired by California, Sacramento and the city’s history, community and culture.

8) Blend your own wine in Napa Valley, California

What better way to immerse yourself in California wine country than to become a winemaker for the day. Hosted during wine harvest in September, visitors to Round Pond Estate in Napa Valley can experience the magic behind the bottle by spending a “Day in the Life” with the estate’s winemaking team. Starting in the vineyard, the experience will involve turning great grapes into fine wine, before sampling wines in various stages and ending with an artisan lunch prepared by the Estate Chef.

9) Take in the art on a stroll through the city, West Hollywood

As the most walkable city in California, it’s no surprise that artwork can be found along the streets in this creative hub. take a stroll along the streets of the Design District, walk through the parks to spot some inspiring pieces of art or enjoy the City of West Hollywood’s Art on the Outside programme – a collection of temporary artworks installed all around the city for up to three years. Art ranges  from wall murals to sculptures and even digital artwork making for an inspiring day out.

10) Frida and Her Garden at Naples Botanical Garden, Florida’s Paradise Coast, Naples, Marco Island & the Everglades

Frida and Her Garden is one of the Arte Viva exhibitions, celebrating Frida Kahlo and her colourful self-portraits and paintings by transporting visitors to her home garden in Coyoacán, Mexico City. This exhibition offers guests a unique experience as to how flora and fauna inspired this iconic artist’s art and her life, with giant animal sculptures throughout the Garden. Join the Frida After 5 event and sip on themed cocktails to the background of Latino dance music with dinner at the garden’s seasonal cafe.

11) Immerse in American Indian history through art, Flagstaff, Arizona

Situated at the base of the San Francisco peaks on sacred American Indian homelands, the Museum of Northern Arizona holds regular fine art exhibitions of work featuring native artists. The museum also has an extensive collection of historical artefacts which give visitors a better understanding of American Indian history and heritage. Aside from regular exhibitions, the museum also organises an annual heritage festival which showcases the rich culture of the American Indian community through art.

12) Arty activities in Aspen and Snowmass, Colorado

This summer, the Aspen Art Museum will offer six creative workshops in collaboration with Aspen Center for Environmental Studies. Participants will enjoy a variety of art projects, games and stories exploring a different weekly theme whilst learning about birds, bugs, animals, trees, and flowers, creating artwork based on inspiration from each theme. Head over to Snowmass on 25 June for the 2023 Snowmass Art Festival, showcasing local Colorado and national artists, representing a wide array of mediums including painting, sculpture, photography, ceramics, glass, wood, and more. Taking place on the Base Village Mall, in one of Colorado’s most scenic mountain towns, this outdoor festival is surrounded by the world-class resort, beautiful mountains, countless recreational activities, and outstanding shops, restaurants, and hotels.

13) Head to the home of Andy Warhol, Pittsburgh

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the iconic pop-artist is a legend in the creative industry. Located on the northshore is a seven-story museum showcasing an ever-changing selection of Warhol’s artwork and the largest most comprehensive single-artist museum in North America. From Friday-Sunday, The Factory offers visitors of all ages a hands-on art studio experience from painting to collage to sculpture. Visitors can also work with experienced artist educators to create handmade silkscreen printed artworks and souvenirs.

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