How to get cheap airport lounge access – Five smart methods


 Keep reading this article to find out about 5 recommendation on how to get cheap airport lounge access.

While exploring your own country or discovering the world can be a fascinating adventure, reassuring you will not get unnecessarily tired until reaching your final destination, is a reasonable desire. On the other hand, in case of a business trip it is non-negotiable that comfort consists a factor with high priority.

Most airline companies taking into consideration further needs of their clients, before boarding, have designed special private spaces with limited access, inside the airport terminals.

The provided amenities may vary, according to the size of the airport as well as the dominance that the company has in each airport. Nevertheless, airport lounges are an oasis in the desert, i.e. the frustrating atmosphere of an airport, a safe bubble where passengers are able to relax, work or socialize while savouring complimentary food and beverages, charging stations, etc.

Keep reading this article to find out about 5 recommendation on how to get cheap airport lounge access.

1. Online booking

There are several alternative options among which you can choose to make your online reservation and obtain access to the airport lounge. At first, you can decide if you are interested in it while making your flight reservation and succeed in booking both for a reduced price in the frame of a package deal. If your desire for securing a spot in the airline company’s lounge was aroused later, there is no need to worry at all. Third-party booking sites, provide cheap airport lounges on , as well as beneficial long-term programs.

2. Lounge membership

In case you travel on a regular basis, or just a few times over the year, you should consider the possibility of buying a long-term (e.g. annual) pass for airport lounges. Usually, the price equals to only a few lounge day-passes, making it a very profitable solution. Additionally, other services contributing to your comfort and flexibility, could be available along with your lounge pass, such as an airport parking card, which if combined, will upgrade massively the quality of your travel experience.

Access the airport maintaining your independence, and spend your time before boarding, taking a second look on your daily travel-schedule and making last minute notes for attractions you’re curious about besides the must-see ones.

3. Airline loyalty programs

Companies wants you to know that they are grateful for being at the top of your preferences, and build a relationship of reciprocate respect with you, keeping you satisfied. Subscribing as a frequent traveller for an airline company’s loyalty programme, comes with several bonuses and rewards overtime. Examine the amenities your cumulative points can unlock. Keep in mind that some airline companied have subsidiary companies or other partnerships, to the lounges of which you can have access.

4. Look for a buddy

When buying your airport lounge pass from another website than the airline company’s one, there might be the option to get a better price if buying more than one passes, or maybe even a 1+1 one deal. If you are travelling solo, you may encounter another traveller through the website.

5. Free trials

Last but not least, you can take advantage of a free trial offer, given to new members to access specific airport lounges for a limited time, in order to find out if an airport lounge membership is something they would pay for.

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